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How to Help

Are you worried that a friend is self-harming? It’s a good idea to talk to someone you trust, like a parent, a teacher or school counsellor. There are also help lines you can call if you are not sure what to do.

Here are a few other steps that you can take to help your friend:
  • Educate yourself about self-injury (you’re already off to a great start)
  • Here is a great list of resources!
  • Lead with compassion, and avoid anger and judgment. Your friend isn’t trying to hurt you, make you feel guilty or get attention
  • Focus on your friend’s concerns or issues, not the act of self-injury
  • Let your friend know that you’re there to listen, you care about them, and you want to help
  • Encourage your friend to get a trusted adult involved in order to seek further help
If you are self-injuring, there is support. You are not alone.

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NOTE: The Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region does not provide crisis services. If you are in immediate need of assistance contact the Distress Centre’s 24-hour Crisis Line at 403 266 HELP (4357).

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